Welcome to Hilco Financial Software, LLC

Specializing in custom built software for the financial services industry, Hilco deploys small teams of highly trained software engineers whose expertise is designing custom software for the financial services industry  —  that's ALL we do.

Our years of financial software experience means that we understand your industry from back office operations to middle office and risk management to front office pre-trade analysis and portfolio management. There is very little explaining or learning curve necessary for us. We can seamlessly either take ownership of the project, or work in tandem with your internal IT department  — from day one.

A laser-focused strategy combined with expert tactical skills ensures our clients are impinged upon during the process. We come in quickly and quietly and get the job done make sure that when we leave our clients' business processes are streamlined and working better than ever.

Our two pronged approach of short term development + a longer term outlook toward Total Cost of Ownership makes it easy for you. We design the software, maintain it for you and can host it for you as well. This streamlined process alleviates teh stress of finding various suppliers and putting it all together yourself.

Just like SEALs no two missions are the same. So to serve our clients best, we customize our team of experts in three major roles:

  1. Domain Expert — this senior team member is the system architect and normally acts as project manager.
  2. Database Expert — designs the database model and can also work with the client's database administrator.
  3. User Interface Expert — designs the application's user interface which may be either web- or desktop-based depending on the client's needs and preferences.

Depending upon the size and scope of the project the team may include expertise in Service Oriented Architecture, Complex Event Processing as well as other disciplines needed to get the job done.